Can I use a surly straggler for bikepacking?

 straggler is a bikepacking-stimulated avenue/gravel motorbike typically at home on pavement however geared up for direction obligation whilst referred to as.

born on gravel. raised on pavement

straggler is tuned for circulate-over exploration on a tremendous type of terrain conditions. it's miles an afternoon tripper and a weekender. it's a "hard road" avenue motorcycle, a cyclocross motorcycle without a pretense approximately racing, a utilitarian townie, a light-duty traveling bike, and an all-weather commuter. it is a metal gravel bicycle that flourishes on the road. don't forget it as a "mountain biker's road bike." in case you satisfactory have room for one motorbike in your lifestyle, straggler can (and should) be your one and quality.

straggler's abilities pass properly beyond the asphalt. it additionally lends itself properly to slight traveling setups. we speak me frame bags, seat baggage, and "credit rating card journeying" rather than complete-blown visiting. straggler additionally handles our eight- and 24-percent racks properly, so that you have some heavier-duty loading options.

- motels for racks and fenders

- in advance-exiting horizontal dropouts for single speed compatibility and wheelbase adjustability

- clearance for 650b x 41mm tires with fenders!


straggler is a bikepacking-stimulated street/gravel bike commonly at home on pavement but geared up for path responsibility even as known.

born on gravel. raised on pavement

straggler is tuned for circulate-over exploration on a huge sort of terrain situations. it’s an afternoon tripper and a weekender. it’s a ‘tough road’ avenue bike, a cyclocross bike with no pretense about racing, a utilitarian townie, a moderate-responsibility traveling motorbike, and an all-climate commuter. it’s a metal gravel bicycle that prospers on the road. don't forget it as a “mountain biker’s street motorbike.” in case you best have room for one bike for your existence, straggler can (and have to) be your one and handiest.

straggler’s capabilities bypass well beyond the asphalt. it also lends itself nicely to mild traveling setups. we speak me body bags, seat bags, and “credit score card journeying” as antagonistic to finish-blown visiting. straggler moreover handles our eight- and 24-% racks well, so you have some heavier-obligation loading alternatives.

x to be had in 650b and 700c wheel diameters

x lodges for racks and fenders

x ahead-exiting horizontal dropouts for single speed compatibility and wheelbase adjustability

x clearance for 650b x 41mm or 700c x 41mm tires with fenders

surly in no way ceases to amaze via setting out new bikes that I without delay want. they truly launched cool rigs that fill several niche gaps in their steel body lineup. in this post, we’ll have a short peek at the ecr and straggler as well as discover their nonpareil, adventure-precise lineup.

I don’t generally write about product releases, however, the ecr got me fairly excited and I thought I'd do a short place about what I assume is the fine lineup of motorcycles designed for adventure.

the brand new surly ecr

no longer exactly positive what it stands for yet… possibly “enduro camping rig” (consistent with bike rumor), “go out cities ” or “einstein can’t rap.” one factor is for certain although, this element perked my ears. I used to be hoping they might upload some mounts and bosses to the Krampus for 2014, but they took it some steps further and created a 29×3″ knarled-encumbered, backpacking beast. other than the Krampus it looks like the surly e.c.r. has barely more lengthy-journey pleasant geometry, all of the reasons you may ever want and the swiss-navy knife of dropouts this is used at the troll. I'm able to’t wait to place my Rohloff in this “day trip centric rambler”.

the photograph above through kbps.

the contemporary surly straggler

maybe want to have been referred to as the ‘disco-cheque’ as it is a disc-brake enabled crosscheck with a brand new dropout. very excellent bicycle, however; oldsters have been soliciting for a crosscheck with disc brake skills for a while now and surely spoke back. it looks like the straggler has all of the essential bosses for a slight tour, lengthy gravel grinder, or maybe an unmarried track romp through the woods. and, those candy tires are the cutting-edge 700c/41mm cards.

surly straggler

the straggler… surly is breaking out some shade! (photograph thru QB)

here are some classics that make surly’s catalog the satisfactory in the commercial business enterprise for adventure:

the lengthy haul trucker and trucker deluxe

the light is pretty a whole lot the bypass-to steed for an extended-distance bicycle tour. maximum oldsters, you note on the excursion are driving the 26″ model as it's miles a bit less complicated to find 26″ tires in masses of global places. the trucker has conventional lines that pretty much resemble mountain motorcycles of the 80s and the appropriate geometry for lengthy rides. that is the motorcycle that fueled the metal body revolution.

the trucker deluxe is constructed with s&s couplers (stainless steel threaded sleeves) to allow the motorbike to be taken aside to healthy in an airline excellent case to keep away from outsized baggage expenses (which can be now through the roof — I paid $two hundred to fly back from Panama).

surly long-haul trucker - motorcycle excursion

nate’s trucker. he rode from Portugal to hong kong… then important America.

surly lengthy-haul trucker - motorcycle tour

lee’s trucker. driving from Prudhoe bay Alaska to Argentina.

the surly troll

I like my troll. that is quite a great deal the do-all, difficult-roads using, dirt song traveling device. the troll broke ground with the progressive slot-dropout that results easily accommodates the Rohloff, disc brakes, and a trailer. it essentially serves as a rattling well option for every person doing an extended tour in which 26″ tires are a should and there can be difficult, mountain style driving.


his and her trolls in Nicaragua.

surly troll traveling bike - Rohloff

my apocalypse-evidence journeying bike.

the move-take a look at

whilst the surly troll is a super motorbike for hauling huge hundreds of gear via second and zero.33 global conditions, mike favored a lighter, more classically styled 700c bike for a slight-load European tour. enter the cross-test:

surly bypass check traveling

mike’s pass-take a look at – on tour in Europe.

the ogre

the ogre is the troll in the 29er layout. journeying through a rustic wherein 29er wheel size isn't always a worry, or a shorter excursion wherein wheel renovation is a non-problem, the ogre is a tremendous desire. all the bosses and mounts one has to ever want as well as the flexible rear slot dropouts. the ogre looks like the simplest bike/do-all option.

surly ogre traveling

an ogre from surly’s patron files.

the pulley and pug ops

the pulley is a unique bicycle. essentially created to go everywhere with bar-none floatation and traction afforded through the inventory 26×3.8″ Nate tires. iciness traveling, coastal traveling, dust, ice, and snow… this motorcycle can take you wherein other bikes don’t even dream. and it has all of the mounts to rig racks, panniers, fork cages, something. Joe Cruz at pedaling in the area has accomplished a few very cool stuff along with his pugs


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