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the presidency isn’t turn using manner of turn’ — peter obi hits tinubu

peter obi

peter obi, presidential candidate of the labor birthday party (lp), says Nigerians will choose a leader that they are given as proper because it is not the flip of each person to manipulate the united states.

obi seems to be taking a jibe at bola tinubu, desired bearer of the all progressives congress (apc), over a declaration he made some months ago.

in June, tinubu spoke about how he come to be instrumental in the election of President Muhammad Buhari, and why he deserves to be his successor.

a number of the phrases used within the route of his charged speech had been “èmi lọ okàn” – which means, “I’m the following”.


Speaking at a retreat organized thru lp on Monday in Abuja, obi stated the 2023 elections need to be primarily based on “competence”.

“we will try this retreat now; after the election, we can do another one. subsequent year’s elections will no longer be based mostly on ethnicity,” the presidential candidate said.

“we've got had it earlier than; it would no longer be on religion. there can be no location where Chrwhereans purchase matters much less costly, there is no place where Muslims purchase topics inexpensively.


“It's going to not be thru the the the the turn, it's miles no one’s turn. it should now not be with the resource of connection. the election subsequent 12 months have to be primarily based on character and belief; it has to be primarily based totally on competence.”

the lp presidential candidate stated he might reduce corruption by 70 percent if he's elected into the workplace.

“I'm on this retreat to concentrate. permit us to position it in writing; while we succeed, you need to be round to say that's what we have been given and agreed on. even though we don’t acquire one hundred percent, we must have made sacrifices,” he stated.

…keyamo’s allegation is incorrect, says obi’s aide

the director of media and public affairs and valid spokesperson for the all progressives congress advertising marketing campaign council, Festus kaya mo, on Monday, alleged that the presidential candidate of the labor party, peter obi, emerge as planning to faux an assassination attempt on himself and lease a few supporters dressed in the APC caps and t-shirts to assault some of his birthday celebration workplaces.

this is at an identical time because the minister of the united states of America for labor and employment accused the previous Anambra governor of circulating a hate-crammed video online to disparage the presidential candidate of the APC, asiwaju bola tinubu.

kayamo's statement was issued in Abuja on Monday.

at the same time as hard for obi to reveal the deliver and call(s) of the culprits at the back of the nebulous WhatsApp message, the minister noted that it became obvious obi deliberately concocted the message and circulated the offensive video himself as a marketing campaign method.

the allegation is coming hours after the labor birthday party held a -day retreat for its countrywide officials, change unions, and birthday party applicants.

the statement partly observes, “our interest has been interested in an offensive, hate-crammed video made and circulated through the presidential candidate of the labor birthday celebration, Mr. peter obi, in which he accused an amorphous and non-existent “tinubu’s institution” of spreading a WhatsApp message calling on the Yoruba humans now not to vote for him. the purported message, in line with Mr. obi forewarned the Yoruba that a vote for obi is probably a vote for a seaport in south-south and southeast

“We are also aware that plans are afoot using the usage of Mr. peter obi to faux an assassination strive on himself and rent labor birthday party boys dressed within the APC caps and t-shirts to attack a few labor celebration places of work. it's far all part of the “us plan”. it's far the primary in a sequence of incendiary actions deliberate through this ill-prepared but the determined candidate.

“Firstly, we vehemently deny the life of any of such “tinubu organization” that made and circulated one of these messages. all organizations supporting the APC presidential candidate and his taking walks-mate have easy designations with famous promoters. further, it's miles best messages launched thru the APC presidential advertising and marketing campaign council which might be officially frequent and for which we take duty.

“as the takeoff date for campaigns draws closer, Mr. peter obi has abruptly realized that Nigerians are beginning to burst their bubbles as his messages are bereft of thoughts, intensity, and simple solutions to our worrying conditions. his messages are only complete with false records and highfalutin jargons in what's truly a disingenuous ruse to distract scrutiny of his empty records as a governor of Anambra country and not something else. because of this, his easy recourse to playing ethnic cards and fanning the ember of hate.

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“We have were given in on accurate authority that a part of the “us method” (similar to the failed “Dubai technique” his former boss and himself adopted in 2019) became to go returned to us and unfold ethnic hatred the various voters and cause chaos, then pose as the victim. they've got simply begun that plot by orchestrating and circulating the said video.

“we discover it disgusting, demeaning, and insulting to the sensitivities and sensibilities of Nigerians for a presidential candidate of the ilk of peter obi to make this sort of video parroting a spurious, unverified, and sham message that has the capacity of deepening our fault strains as a country and in addition promoting ethnic tensions. this is certainly unbecoming of a presidential candidate that hopes to unite the u.s.a.

“yet again, we note that Mr. obj’s extremely-present day stunt is steady with what's now considerably perceived as his adoption of hate as a marketing campaign method, having continually didn't rein in his recounted and identifiable supporters, specifically domiciled on social media, threatening political warring parties with violence and loss of life.

“we name on all properly-this means that Nigerians, irrespective of ethnic origins or political divides, to upward push up and condemn this tactless procedure and reasonably-priced maneuver by way of a decided non-starter of a presidential candidate who has determined to the motel to crude revisionism, ethnic jingoism and crass insensitivity to being able to whip the undeserved sentiment to gas his faltering ambition that isn't always anything however a flash in a pan. our recommendation to Mr. peter obi is to stop the race if he has nothing greater to tell Nigerians.”

reacting to keyamo’s allegation, obi’s media aide, Emeka basis, defined it as wrong.

the previous Anambra a governor’s photograph maker stated he changed into amazed it turned into coming from a character like kaya mo.

he stated, “it's far a fallacy! you media human beings need to additionally recognize at the same time as you spot something wrong. does peter look like someone who pretends or fakes matters? what do we gain to begin faking assassination strive? are they in search of to perform such try and seeking out on blaming obi for it? most of the people desthe serve to recognize and that was what weight to place up inside the press.

“does keyamo is privy to greater than we know and the use of this possibility to cry wolf? what is his plan for uttering this sort of stupid declaration? does he assume obi is part of the antique order who are continuously desperate for power? on every occasion, he says ‘skip and affirm’, does it appear to be scheming?

“but we're privy to what key am has performed in advance than. it isn't always out of place for him to mention things like obi is attempting to fake his assassination attempt. it's miles a terrible detail to mention.


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